To make a booking or enquire about use of Elgar Park please contact our Ground Manager via bookings@kbhbrumbies.org.au

Support the LED Lighting Upgrade Project by making a tax deductible donation at the Australian Sports Foundation.


The Elgar Park hockey facilities are managed by the Elgar Park Regional Hockey Association
Inc (EPRHA) on behalf of the KBH Brumbies Hockey Club.

EPRHA’s origins date back to 1992 when the predecessor clubs of the KBH Brumbies (Box
Hill Hockey Club, Kew Hockey Club and Kew Junior Hockey Club) joined forces to develop the
first artificial pitch at Elgar Park. EPRHA was formed by the clubs to develop and manage the
shared facility. EPRHA holds a long-term lease with Whitehorse City Council and has
developed, financed and manages the hockey facilities.

Post the formation of the KBH Brumbies EPRHA has remained at arms-length from the
hockey operations to ensure that it maintains a clear focus on long-term development and
management of hockey facilities for the club, but without the day-to-day distractions of
managing the club’s hockey operations.

The current management of EPRHA is:

  • President – Chris Harper
  • Secretary – Alistair Kemp
  • Treasurer – David Kollmorgen
  • Committee – Richard Clancy
  • Committee – Dee Gill
  • Committee – Mark Williams


Facilities Master Plan

EPRHA, in conjunction with Whitehorse City Council, has developed a staged master plan for
development of the hockey facilities at Elgar Park over the coming years:


Stage 1 – Pitch Replacement COMPLETED

The pitch replacement project, including re-profiling the base, replacement of shocked & surface, and improvement of pitch-side amenities was completed in time for the 2016 winter season.


Stages 1a & 1b Scoreboard & Grandstand Seating – COMPLETED

The electronic scoreboard and grandstand seating were installed in early 2016 to complete the Stage 1 works.


Stage 2 – pavilion development


We have our new clubrooms, they are fantastic. Come and check the facilities out!

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Stage 2 – Pavilion Development COMPLETED

After many years of operating in sub-standard facilities and lobbying Council our new clubrooms were handed over in October 2017. Completed by Whitehorse Council at a cost of $3.3m the new clubrooms are fantastic and continue our plan to deliver the leading club facilities in Melbourne.

Come and check the facilities out!


Stage 3 – Pitch Lighting Upgrade

Continuing with the momentum of facilities upgrades we are really excited to have just placed an order for LED pitch lighting and we are on target to have the lights installed by June 2018.

Although the technology is well established in hockey pitch lighting in Europe we believe we will be the first LED hockey pitch project in Australia. The new lighting will be upgraded to 500 lux (compared to the current 250 lux) to comply with the current FIH and Hockey Victoria Standards for Premier League night matches. The new lighting system will also offer great environmental benefits and operational savings to the club through reduced electricity consumption and maintenance costs.

Check out the technology – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kD0-0INbTZA

This project has been made possible with the assistance of a $25,000 Community Development Grant from the Federal Government and facilitated by our local Federal Member, Josh Frydenberg.

We have targeted raising a further $25,000 this year to finalise the funding of the lights so please support the LED Lighting Upgrade Project by making a tax deductible donation at the Australian Sports Foundation.


Stage 4 – Second Pitch

The Whitehorse City Council has completed a master plan for the entire Elgar Park that covers a wide range of issues including pavilions, improvements to parking, paths and landscaping, etc. Included in the master plan is provision for a multi-purpose field (second pitch) to the east of our current pitch.

Council’s current priority is redevelopment of the south pavilion in Elgar Park (expected to commence in the 2nd half of 2018) but we are working with them to get the second pitch into their project pipeline. We will keep you updated on progress.