The Elgar Park hockey facilities are managed by the Elgar Park Regional Hockey Association
Inc (EPRHA) on behalf of the KBH Brumbies Hockey Club.

EPRHA’s origins date back to 1992 when the predecessor clubs of the KBH Brumbies (Box
Hill Hockey Club, Kew Hockey Club and Kew Junior Hockey Club) joined forces to develop the
first artificial pitch at Elgar Park. EPRHA was formed by the clubs to develop and manage the
shared facility. EPRHA holds a long-term lease with Whitehorse City Council and has
developed, financed and manages the hockey facilities.

Post the formation of the KBH Brumbies EPRHA has remained at arms-length from the
hockey operations to ensure that it maintains a clear focus on long-term development and
management of hockey facilities for the club, but without the day-to-day distractions of
managing the club’s hockey operations.

The current management of EPRHA is:

  • President – Chris Harper
  • Secretary – Alistair Kemp
  • Treasurer – David Kollmorgen
  • Committee (Redevelopment) – Mark Williams
  • Committee (Redevelopment) – Steve Clarke
  • Committee – Dee Gill


Facilities Master Plan

EPRHA, in conjunction with Whitehorse City Council, has developed a staged master plan for
development of the hockey facilities at Elgar Park over the coming years:

Stage 1

The pitch replacement project, including re-profiling the base, replacement of shockpad &
surface, and improvement of pitch-side amenities was completed in time for the 2016
winter season.

Stage 1a – Scoreboard
Stage 1b – Grandstand seating

EPRHA is currently working on proposals for an electronic scoreboard and grandstand
seating to complete the Stage 1 works. It is hoped that we will be able to deliver a full
electronic scoreboard and tiered grandstand seating during 2016 to complete the
repositioning of Elgar Park as a premier hockey facility in Melbourne.


Our ability to deliver the scoreboard and grandstand seating is subject to fund raising – we
are currently exploring sponsorship opportunities to support these projects. We also have
launched the KBH Brumbies Foundation (through the Australian Sports Foundation) which
allows you to make tax deductible donations. Please support the ongoing development of
Elgar Park facilities by making a tax deductible donation for the scoreboard or seating here.

Stage 2 – pavilion development

The Whitehorse City Council has committed to major redevelopment of the pavilions at
Elgar Park. The new pavilion adjacent to the hockey pitch will be the first stage of this
project and is currently being designed. Council is targeting construction to start in January
2017, with the project to be completed in late 2017.

EPRHA representatives are meeting regularly with Council and their architect to review
Council’s standards for pavilion design and how they can best be applied to our
requirements. The design concept is to be released before mid-2016 but discussions have
indicated that the current building will be retained but totally refurbished as 4-6 change
rooms. A new extension will be added that will include social space, canteen, first aid,
toilets, etc and this will wrap around the corner of the pitch and run up the eastern sideline
of the existing pitch.

Stage 3 – second pitch

The Whitehorse City Council has completed a master plan for the entire Elgar Park that
covers a wide range of issues including pavilions, improvements to parking, paths and
landscaping, etc. Included in draft sections of the master plan that we have seen has been
provision for a multi-purpose field (second pitch) to the east of our current pitch.

The master plan is finally expected to be formally released for public comment in mid-2016.
Although we expect provision for a second pitch to be included there is likely still lots of
work to be done to work out how it will operate, be managed, be financed, will it be shared
with other sports, etc.

Future Stages

EPRHA is also doing some early scoping work on a potential upgrade of pitch lighting. The
currently lighting has a design level of 250 lux (a measure of brightness). Issues we are
considering include the costs/benefits of new light fittings vs power savings, the potential to
upgrade to 500 lux (which is HV’s standard for PL/VL1 night matches), the potential for
conversion to LED lighting for possible power savings, opportunities for energy efficiency
grant programs to assist funding, etc.

Booking Enquiries

The Elgar Park hockey pitch and associated facilities are available for hire. The pitch is often
used by schools & other clubs when not in use for KBH Brumbies trainings and Hockey
Victoria scheduled games.
For all enquiries relating to bookings please contact our Ground Manager via