2017 Presentation Night Award Winners

Thank you to everyone who attended Senior Presentation Night.

We appreciate everyone that gave up their time, big or small to make it a great night.

If you wish to view the Annual Presentation Night Booklet click here: KBH Annual Report 2017 final

The Award winners of the night are listed below. Congratulations to these players.

Gen Forbes Ange Allen
President’s Award Denise Gill
Men’s 1sts                   Best & Fairest Tom Allan
Women’s 1sts             Best & Fairest             Avis Davis Award Jess Williams
Men’s 2nds                   Best & Fairest Damon Dhankhar
Women’s 2nds           Best & Fairest Rebecca French
Men’s 3rds                 Best & Fairest Nicolaas de Mann
Women’s 3rds               Best & Fairest Madi Moorhead
Men’s 4ths                   Best & Fairest Morgan Cassar
Women’s 4ths             Best & Fairest Meagan Kollmorgen
Men’s 5ths                   Best & Fairest James Fitzgerald & Julian Nosiara
Women’s 5ths             Best & Fairest Nicki Groom
Men’s 6ths                   Best & Fairest David Falla
Women’s 6ths         Best & Fairest Jen Alsfeld
Men’s 7ths         Best & Fairest Lachie Funnell
Men’s 8ths         Best & Fairest TBC
Men’s Vets 1sts             Best & Fairest Tom Allen
Women’s Vets 1sts       Best & Fairest Alyson Lanyon
Men’s Vets 2nds         Best & Fairest Steve Daniels
Women’s Vets 2nds Best & Fairest Cathie Lange
Men’s Vets 3rds         Best & Fairest TBC
Men’s Vet’s 4ths         Best and Fairest TBC
Men’s Vet’s 5ths           Best and Fairest TBC
Men’s Vet’s 6ths           Best and Fairest TBC
Men’s Vet’s 7ths           Best and Fairest TBC
Men’s 1sts             Dick Gray Award Gil Hassall
Women’s 1sts   Coaches Choice Jessie Stewart
Men’s 2nds           Coaches Choice Damon Dhankhar
Women’s 2nds       Coaches Choice Kym Gaffney
Men’s 3rds         Coaches Choice Jason Mulder
Women’s 3rds   Coaches Choice Charlotte Maskell
Men’s 4ths     Coaches Choice Toby Meago
Women’s 4ths   Coaches Choice Maggie Enniss
Men’s 5ths         Coaches Choice Tim Watts
Women’s 5ths   Coaches Choice Sarah Osang
Men’s 6ths   Coaches Choice Max Carolane
Women’s 6ths     Coaches Choice Elizabeth Callahan
Men’s 7ths     Coaches Choice Tim Kollmorgen
Men’s 8ths     Coaches Choice TBC
Men’s Vets 1sts TBC
Women’s Vets 1sts Coaches Choice Emma Schwarz
Men’s Vets 2nds Coaches Choice TBC
Women’s Vets 2nds Coaches Choice Felicity McCall-Wolf
Men’s Vets 3rds Coaches Choice TBC
Men’s Vet’s 4ths Coaches Choice TBC
Men’s Vet’s 5ths Coaches Choice TBC
Mens’ 1/2 Goal Scorer Daniel Brennan
Mens minor grades Goal Scorer Nicolaas de Man and Adam Whitford
Womens’ 1/2 Goal Scorer Brooke Johnson
Womens’ minor grade Goal Scorer Nicki Groom


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