A call for umpires

A call for umpires!

This is a call out to the club, we are in our first full season post pandemic and although players have returned in number our umpires have not. We are very thankful to our members who umpire but we need more! We also have a great batch of junior umpires coming through.

As part of the clubs responsibilities to HV we need to provide umpires for Junior / Senior and Masters games every week, and we are struggling to fulfill this commitment.  This has been compounded by the number of umpires that pull out of games last minute due to COVID / suspected COVID. We have unfortunately found ourselves scrambling to find umpires on a regular basis.


We are particularly looking for a group of people that we can call on both early in the week and last minute to cover games where the umpire has had to pull out.  We are happy to provide mentoring for anyone who is not confident and work with you to get your community / level 1  certifications.  You will get paid for each game you umpire, the amount varies depending on level. Approx $15-85 for junior matches as a starting point. It’s a great way to bump up those savings or add some side income to your regular job. Also fantastic work for university students or part time workers.
If you are interested in being part of our umpiring group please contact myself (seniors) or juniors Narelle.
Dem  (Umpire coordinator KBH)
Narelle (Junior Umpire coordinator KBH)

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