Emilie and Chris coaching the 2018 East Red Devils.


We wish Chris and Emilie all the best in their coaching roles!


Meet the Coach – Here’s our U15 Girls Head Coach Chris Arthur!

“Hi my name is Chris, and I am excited to be coaching a Red Devils team again this year. I have been playing hockey since age 10, and currently play in the KBH Brumbies Vic League 1 team. Apart from hockey I study Law and Business at Swinburne University.

In the last 4 years I have coached and assisted with 8 different teams. I enjoy the challenge of coaching and look to develop the unique and personal qualities of players through positive environment.

Should be a great tournament.”

Meet the Coach – Here’s our amazing U13 Boys Head Coach, Emilie Pause!

“My name is Emilie and I will be assisting the U13 boys in their Championship win this year.
While my hockey career began with the Wildcats, I have now converted to the Devils.

My hockey experience has spanned over two continents and three countries. I started playing hockey at five in Berlin before moving to Australia to start of high school. In Melbourne I played for the Melbourne University Hockey Club (back in the days when they had juniors), after finishing high school I moved to Canberra to study and played for ANU. The last five years I have mostly been overseas, playing/ coaching in the Netherlands and Germany, as well as coaching at the Sports Ways hockey camp in Barcelona.

Next to coaching hockey at KBH, I am also studying Law to re-qualify and practice in Australia.

Looking forward to a successful championship.”

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