JSC 2021 KBH selections

Brumbies selected into the JSC 2021 zone teams!

Some fantastic new this week for the Brumbies. Congratulations to all players that have been successful in gaining selection on this occasion.

North East Red Devils
Chow, James
Dawes, Campbell
Guthrie, Michael
Courtney, Madeleine
Hereford, Bella
Hereford, Elizabeth
Kearney, Lucy
Kearney, Madeleine
Kuppan, Kohila
Schwarz, Jaimee

Ham, Declan
Nota, Talvin
Yeung, Ngai Hang (Carlton)
Boye, Hannah (GK)
Iles, Sophia
Johnstone, Natalie
Langley, Georgia

Corr, Liam
Noble, Isaac (GK)
Nota, Dhillon
Round, James
Bawden, Maureen
Iles, Yasmine
Langley, Chloe (GK)

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