Senior Presentation Night Award Winners

Thank you to everyone who attended the Senior Presentation Night on Saturday 22nd October.
We had a huge turn out of members and it was great to see everyone having a good time.
Acknowledging Mike Hanlon

We had various people up to present awards through out the night but one role that needs to be acknowledged is our President Mike Hanlon.

Mike has put countless hours of personal time in this year to make the transition of the two clubs as smooth as possible and make our club have a successful first year. This is not just meetings or attending game day but also many evenings and weekends to ensure that the Brumbies are a force to reckoned with, his personal commitment has been great.
We also need to acknowledge Dee who has put in an amazing amount of time and organised uniforms among many other things. She too spent countless hours behind the scenes for the Brumbies.

So remember, if you can lend a hand, whether that be on the BBQ, coaching, umpiring, fundraising or even just being a team manager for the week we encourage you to put your hand up and help the Brumbies.

Annual Presentation Booklet
The Annual Presentation Booklet can be viewed here, this includes teams reports as well as Men’s and Women’s VP reports.

Photos from the Night
Photos from the night taken by Daniel Chang can be viewed here

Award Winners
Award Team Winner
 Best & Fairest Women’s Vets 35+A Rebecca Lane
Best & Fairest Women’s Vets 35+B Lillian Harold
Best & Fairest Women’s Pen C Jaimie Olorenshaw
Coach’s Award Women’s Pen C Lily Jackson
Best & Fairest Women’s Pen D Rebecca Lane
Coach’s Award Women’s Pen D Dayna Healey
Best & Fairest Women’s Pen E Maggie Enniss
Coach’s Award Women’s Pen E Rachel Soebekti
Best & Fairest Women’s Metro Ashlee Gowans
Coach’s Award Women’s Metro Jessica Hewitson-Kerr
Best & Fairest Men’s Pen C Cal Jackson
Coach’s Award Men’s Pen C Alex Kentell
Best & Fairest Men’s Pen D Tristan Harris
Coach’s Award Men’s Pen D Simon O’Brien
Best & Fairest Men’s Pen E Mark Davis
Best & Fairest Men’s Pen F Jim George
Coach’s Award Men’s Pen F Richard Clancy
Best & Fairest Men’s Metro B1 Nick Ellis
Coach’s Award Men’s Metro B1 Jonathon Haynes
Best & Fairest Men’s Metro B2 Brian Williams
Top Goal Scorer Women’s Minor Grades Dayna Healey
Top Goal Scorer Men’s Minor Grades Jonathon Haynes
Award Team Winner
Best & Fairest Men’s Vic League 1 Sean Whitehouse
Best & Fairest Men’s Vic League 1 Reserves Sean Walsh
Coach’s choice Dick Grey – Men’s Vic League 1 Seton Macleod
Coach’s Choice Men’s Vic League 1 Reserves Ash Kemp
Award Team Winner
Best & Fairest Avis Davis Award – Women’s Vic League 1 Sarah Evans
Best & Fairest Women’s Vic League 1 Reserves Amanda Ong
Coach’s choice Women’s Vic League 1 Jessica Williams
Women’s Vic League 1 Reserves Alyson Lanyon
Award Team Winner
Top Goal Scorer Women’s Vic League 1 Sarah Evans
Top Goal Scorer Men’s Vic League 1 Sean Whitehouse
President’s Award Steve Clarke
Outstanding Club Person Steve White

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