Seniors Coaches 2018

Senior Coaches for 2018

Whilst the season has only just wrapped up, we are pleased to announce our senior coaches for 2018. Securing our coaches is a critical step as it provides stability to plan our pre-season and season campaigns for 2018.

Women’s Senior Coach

I’m pleased to announce that Sean Walsh has agreed to continue in his role as Women’s Premier League coach. Having taken the women’s senior side to Premier league last year and continued the momentum into this year with a season that was only hampered by numerous injuries.

Men’s Senior Coach

Marty DeMan has joined as Men’s Club Coach for 2018 and beyond. Marty is a highly experienced coach with a resume that includes 2 Premier League premierships, Victorian State teams from U/13 to U21 and school coaching at Melbourne Grammar. Marty’s coaching experience is supported by a study background in psychology and sport science which he is planning to continue into a PhD over the next few years.

Having arrived at the club in early 2017, Marty quickly became involved in assisting the men’s Vic League squad as the season progressed. Marty is excited by the talent levels he has seen across the Vic League squad and while playing in the pennant grades so was attracted to the opportunity of continuing the club’s development towards long-term sustainability in Premier League.

Marty will be starting the role immediately with development programs running over summer and pre-season commencing in November. We welcome Marty to the role – after playing in the Pennant C premiership this year he has already been warmly welcomed to the club!

I would also like to thank Billy Allen for his commitment to the role this year. With only one loss and one draw over the regular season he took the team to the grand final only to lose on shoot outs. Whilst narrowly missing out on promotion, it was a stunning year for Billy and the VL boys.

Looking forwards to a great 2018

Go Brumbies!

Mike Hanlon


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