Your chance to help!

Fellow KBH Brumbies Players, Families and Supporters
Here is your chance to HELP our great club!! The grandstand is done (thanks Greg Horsey!), so let’s raise the funds for the scoreboard. Talk to your parents, grandparents, wife, husband, whoever! And get behind our campaign for a scorebaord.

PLEASE hit the link below and spend 5 minutes ‘contributing’ to the exciting future of the KBH Brumbies & the sensational Elgar Park Hockey Facility.
Click NOW and get on board!!

ANY help will be hugely appreciated, and through the Australian Sports Foundation fund is tax deductible! Make a more significant contribution ($200+) and enjoy the benefits and camaraderie of the coterie group

Here is a link about the scoreboard we are planning on also.…/video-scoreboard-software-game…


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